Lindsay Lohan Replaces Alcohol With Alcoholic Tea

Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to find a tea with traces of alcohol in it to replace alcohol.

Kombucha, an energizing and cleansing tea, includes small amounts of fermented fruit ingredients that kind of gives you a nice soft buzz…(ps it’s usually sold at Whole Foods and also makes a nice mixer if you don’t have a SCRAM bracelet). Linds has been spotted with it since her court ordered sobriety, and here she is with it yesterday as she left her house with friends. Check out those crazy eyes, that’s probably her 15th one. Wonder what that sobriety jewelry sounds like when it goes off? I imagine an air raid siren or a ringtone that plays Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad”…

Selecting alcoholic remedies for alcoholism isn’t her only issue. No one believed Lindsay even bought a ticket home for her court date. Well, here’s another suspected lie shot down. Someone provided an invoice for $6,860.50 ticket on Swiss International Air that should have gotten her home by Wednesday, May 19 if the Hamburglar hadn’t gone and stolen her passport. The ticket was issues the day before, on May 18 when she was still in Cannes.