Judges Orders Lindsay Lohan To Stay Sober

After her efforts her court hearing with international travel and dad-stealing passport conspiracy theories, Lindsay Lohan, and a newly injected pout, finally went to court today (late). And wouldn’t you know it, Judge Marsha Revel delayed her vacation to face off with the deeply delusional actress. God bless that woman.

After the professional partier got through security in a suit that not even Heidi Fleiss would wear to court, the judge put Lindsay on clean watch. She decreed that Lindsay can’t drink or do drugs  if she wants to stay free on bail. She must begin wearing a SCRAM bracelet within 24 hours and attend alcohol classes at least once a week. These are all the same demands that have put on Lindsay before, but the judge also said Lindsay is bound to the L.A. Area and subject to random drug testing.

The judge scheduled a hearing on July 6 to determine if Lindsay has violated her probation. Violation of her probation could lead to 180 days in jail. Linday’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley tried to protest, even claiming  the “actress” needs to go to Texas to shoot a movie, but Judge McAwesome wasn’t hearing it.

Just randomly drug test her today and this will all be over with.