Lindsay Lohan Rumors

July 25th, 2005 // 9 Comments

Mmm. Is Lindsay Lohan really dating this Mitch Mortaza, or is someone just trying to promote the Cabana Club?

The following was sent in by a reader. No, it hasn’t been edited.

July 6th – The Simpson sisters and Mitch Mortaza were seen at the Grand Opening of Cabana Club, during the evening Ashley Simpson and Mitch Mortaza were both in one of our private bungalos and were clearly hooking up and later were seen dancing very closely. Apparently, Ashley was trying to get at Lindsay by hooking up with Mitch.

July 14 – Lindsay Lohan and now her suto boyfriend Mitch Mortaza were seen having an argument at Cabana Club and according to Lindsay’s grilfriends it was because of the previous week’s Ashley/Mitch hook-up.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. SellBot

    Nah, they just like to project movies on his fivehead.

  2. Nana

    Look at him!

  3. lonecomic

    suto? pseudo?

  4. that guy looks like he was left in the oven too long

  5. A Boy and His Dog

    Hi, my name is Mitch Melanoma

  6. anonymous

    Excuse me, but who wrote that article? “SUTO”? The word is “PSEUDO”……fucking idiot

  7. Hodgie

    they clearly said it wasnt edited, take a pill and relax mofo’s!!! anyway, why is everyone talkign about how lindsey lohan is a big ho, and not even commenting on the fact that ashley simpson is an even bigger slutbag who just goes after whatever lindsey has, shes so ugly she has to get lindseys seconds…someone needs to smack that bitch asap!

  8. ma

    Suto boyfriend? HAHAH

  9. Totally Disgusted

    Eeew! Is that [Mitch] something to even be fighting for? Yuck! I’m no millionaire, but my man is WAAAY better looking than that on any day (even after a long hot dirty day at work). Lindsay needs to get her head straight and gain back some weight so she can look good again. Ashlee, well she’s just an Ugg-O Slut!

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