Lindsay Lohan Poses for British GQ

July 6th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Well, well, well. I see the twins are back in full effect. Lindsay Lohan’s got a sexy, boobtastic new set of pictures, for which she recently posed in the UK GQ.

I guess looking wasted is synonymous with looking sexy these days. Keep grinding those teeth, girlfriend.

Other than that, thank you for at least going back to the red hair. Even if you must be strung out on drugs, not-eating and partying too much, I at least appreciate that you’ve selected a hair color that I deem appropriate for your skin tone and coloring. For that, I do give you kudos.

Now, someone give this woman a nap and a protein shake. Pronto.

More photos of Lindsay Lohan from her British GQ photo shoot, after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kitten

    Just curious, why is she posing like this? You don’t see male celebrities posing like whores. Not even rappers. And is this aimed at men to get them aroused? Or women to get them to buy more products? Or both?

  2. goil

    she has got a HUGE rack for such a skinny chick. Implants?

  3. Stoney

    Three things:

    1)The junkie look AIN’T COOL, stupid whore…nice CIGARETTE.
    2)No one will ever take you seriously no matter how many vintagey-looking photoshoots you do.
    3)Please bitch, THOSE ARE SO IMPLANTS.

  4. She’s such a slut!!! I cannot take this anymore!
    She’s got nothing else than her plastic boobs.
    her career will end sooner than she thinks.

  5. Mrs.

    Such original photos-NOT. Ever notice how her face is obscured as much as possible in photos? Hair over her face, head titled way up or down. Methinks it’s hard to get a truly attractive picture of her.And still is even with her face half hidden. Oh, and nice cowlick, too.

  6. Ldysunfyre

    She’s not hot. She’s never been hot. She’ll never be hot. She tries too hard to be hot despite all this.

  7. Draya

    “I’ve lived, 15 lives by now. I’ve had to grow up pretty fast.”

    And whose fault would that be? Her Mommy/Manager/Hanger-On, Deena.

    This girl has become so pretentious, it’s hilarious.

  8. KittyLiterati

    The snarkiness has returned. I’m a little verklempt. Bravo at the nastiness, ladies.

  9. Double D's

    I see the HUGE boobs are back. When did she get those??

  10. anonymous

    It’s British GQ because of the teeth and skin.

  11. sarai

    she looks half way decent in her photoshoots, but in realife, DISgusting. she has nothing on scarlet johanson

  12. Dylan

    She is a crappy actress!

  13. curious

    Why does she say “girl” instead of woman in her quotes? She must be trying to appeal to men who like kiddie porn.

  14. bob

    y r u comin ova here 2 britain?, shes not even famous ova here, just another yank tryin 2 kiss our asses 2 sell her ‘movies’….. go away,

  15. I used to like her before the whole friends with Paris Hilton thing.

  16. jkough

    What a cum dumpster.


    Very nice selection ^^

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