Lindsay Lohan Parties, Flashes, And Falls Her Freedom Away In Cannes

May 17th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Lindsay Lohan may have zero respect for traditions like mourning the dead and obeying the law, but she holds fast and steady to the doctrine of Lohan where you religiously drink Holy Stoli and whore-ship at 3 am. The squatting and flashing panties thing she’s doing in these pictures must be a new ritual. Usually she prays with her fire crotch.

Lindsay partied in Cannes on Lady Victoria Hervey’s yacht with a random guy last night and even after all the practice with drinking and walking went boom again. Not new. What is new is that she seems to be partying away her freedom. As TMZ reported, Lindsay has four more alcohol education classes to go before her Thursday (May 20) court date and unless she has her own calendar system also, she sound screwed. Clearly she’s not much for advice, but we recommend packing those panties where she’s going.

By Madison Ventura

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