Lindsay Lohan Parties With Sean Lennon And Her Mother

She didn’t party with Dina Lohan and Sean Lennon at the same time, these were separate evenings. We are so glad to hear that Lindsay Lohan is feeling better after her asthma attack.

Lindsay Lohan pulled an all-nighter with Sean Lennon Saturday after having gone clubbing with him at Bungalow 8 just two nights before. The two met for dinner at La Esquina before zipping uptown to “Saturday Night Live,” giving the lie to reports that Lohan’s feuding with Scarlett Johansson, who was host. Lohan is either doing deep research on her movie “Chapter 27,” about the murder of Sean’s father, John, or she’s letting him get in line behind Bruce Willis and “27” co-star Jared Leto. Lohan and Lennon left “SNL” for the Mercer Hotel, then it was on to the Spotted Pig with two gal pals. At 3-ish, the the foursome headed to the National Arts Club. Lennon checked the place out, but soon headed off with Lohan and her ladies-in waiting. …

It probably wasn’t as much fun as guzzling champagne with her mother while trolling for boyfriends, but you never know.

(Source: R&M)