Lindsay Lohan Not Immediately Allowed To Get Smashed, Tweets Angrily

Lindsay Lohan’s love for the international life is likely to continue as her hatred for LA comes to light. The lady who has been rumored to be loosing invites went to get her drunken party on at Trousdale in West Hollywood when a security guard suggested that she *gasp* stand in line like everyone else. After 15 minutes of persuading the doorman, Lohan got in for 10 minutes before the new club closed and she left cloaked in shame (or avoiding paparazzi shots, depends on your point of view.)

Never one to consider holding back a rant Lohan took to her Twitter and said “I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to LA.” and “That was scary, mean, arrogant, and unnecessarily aggressive.” Then she added “I pick New York jus like JAY-Z… [sic] Wouldn’t you?” (flash to Jay-Z shaking his head and saying “Hell no, don’t drag me into your east/west beef. No way I’m getting shot for you.”)

While she tweeted on her denial into a club, she herself denied an outreach to her hospitalized deadbeat dad. Michael Lohan, who was admitted to the hospital after a possible heart attack, said “I got a text message from Lindsay which read: ‘OMG. Hope you are okay” but Lindsay insisted, “My father is a liar.”