Lindsay Lohan Not An Addict, Was Misdiagnosed


The doctors who evaluated Lindsay Lohan at UCLA have concluded she does not suffer from the drug or psychiatric problems that were previously diagnosed. Sources tell TMZ, there’s a feeling among doctors that Judge Marsha Revel “overreacted” when she ordered Lindsay to stay at the facility for 90 days. In other words, Revel basically hated the bitch.

Lindsay has been “weaned off” all of her meds which include Dilaudid, Ambien, Adderall, Zoloft, Trazodone and Nexium, and has had no adverse reaction. Likewise, she has had no withdrawal issues in the alcohol department.

So why on earth has she been taking all those meds? Maybe we’ll find out in the $1 million interview. I’m just hoping that she’ll be out of rehab so she can make an appearance at the premiere of Machete.