Lindsay Lohan Needs Her Driver’s License Revoked, Like Yesterday

New reports from RadarOnline are coming in about Lindsay Lohan’s hit and run incident in which she clipped a kid in a stroller with her Maserati. Apparently, Lindsay actually saw the mother and child, but still moved forward because they were in her way. Really?!!?

A new eye witness has come forth to talk about Lindsay’s craptastic driving skills.

“I pulled up next to Lindsay after I saw her knock the stroller,” said Austin Visschedyk. “I said; Whoa, what the f*** are you doing?” Then Lindsay aptly replied, “Well, I saw them, but they didn’t move out of the way.”

Lindsay, you dumb shit. How do you manage? Honestly. The eyewitness went on to tell about other passersby who were baffled by Lindsay’s driving techniques.

“There was a guy standing on the corner who jumped back when it happened,” recalled Austin. “He was clearly scared.”

Seen here heading to her car after catching a movie at The Grove in West Hollywood Los Angeles, California on September 3rd, Lindsay Lohan actually looks quite cute in her long sweater dress and black boots. But those filler lips, God Almighty those are bad news. I still can’t get over them.

Lindsay, along with the police and court systems who have dealt with her, continues to baffle us all. Why is she still legally able to drive and/or interact with humanity in general at this point? We may never know.