Lindsay Lohan May Work In Hollywood Once More!

Sure, Lindsay Lohan has had her ups and downs in Hollywood the past few years, but girl seems to be getting on track. After turning down a role in mega hit The Hangover, and having her latest movie, Labor Pains, go straight to television, Lindsay may finally have gotten an actual film role.

Showbiz Spy reports that director Robert Rodriguez has offered Lindsay a part in his new movie Machete. “These things come together very quickly,” Robert said. “We’re casting right now, and the script just came out great.” So far, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez have already signed on for the film and the script is being send to some big names in addition to Lindsay.

The film about a “set-up, double-crossed and left for dead illegal immigrant who “knows the score, gets the women…and kills the bad guys!” seems like it’ll be a an interesting direction for Lindsay to go in. Robert told Showbiz Spy, “There’s actually a cool part in the movie for Lindsay — if she takes it.”

I’m hoping she takes it. I really am. Of course, it she doesn’t take it, I’m sure the milkshake world would love to have her back. Now, if only someone can tell her that if you’re not working you probably shouldn’t be shopping.

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