Lindsay Lohan Likes Older Men

February 9th, 2006 // 16 Comments

So, is Lindsay Lohan sexing up Ryan Adams? Did she sex up Benico Del Torro (he does kind of like her Brad Pitt crush)?

Lindsay Lohan is skewing older. In Touch claims the 19-year-old has been “quietly seeing” 31-year-old singer Ryan Adams. The mag also contends she “hooked up with” 38-year-old Benicio Del Toro last Sunday. He went out to help his sometime girlfriend Sara Foster celebrate her birthday, “but he dumped her to party with Lindsay,” says the mag. After “spending hours canoodling, the couple headed to the Mercer Hotel.” Lohan’s rep tells us, “She’s not dating either of these wonderful men.”…

You have to love Lindsay’s handlers. At Lindsay’s ripe old age of nineteen, they’ve had their work cut out for them already. Hopefully Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, takes a hands off approach to her daughter’s career and life. She seems to equate consistent work with emotional well being.

“Lindsay’s fine. She’s a 19-year-old girl. The writer twisted some of her words. [Lindsay] had said ‘I wasn’t eating right,’ and this interviewer … everyone has to be labeled, so they tried to label her. Well, it’s not about labels. It’s about being honest. Lindsay is honest and open.”

Of persistent drug-use rumors swirling around her daughter, Dina added: “If Lindsay had a problem, she wouldn’t be coming out with four movies in a year.” Indeed, mom had just come from a screening of Lindsay’s “Just My Luck,” which also stars former “O.C.” resident and “Entertaining Mr. Sloane” star Chris Carmack.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    Okay, I know this is vain and has nothing to do with the article at hand, but man, oh man, does this girl have THE worst teeth EVER, or what?

  2. Kelsey

    You know, I was a big LiLo fan when she first came out… not only in Parent Trap (too cute) but in Mean Girls/Confessions/Freaky…you know, when she had a great, HEALTHY body, lovely hair colour and seemed like a good role model for young girls..finally. But she has gone SOO downhill. As if that need to be stated, but I’m just so disappointed. It used to be awesome. I would get to watch my silly disney movies with my boyfriend cuz he would oogle her jugs and I would get to be all little kiddish again…but now that she looks like a freaking tanorexic…thing…no such luck….*sigh*

  3. Mocha

    BRYAN ADAMS? WTF!!!! Thats SO disgusting. I had a dirty feeling this was what was happening when she ‘dropped the teacup’ at his house. I dont even want to think about how she REALLY got those stitches. Ekk.

  4. no way

    skip ‘em all. First of all it writes like ‘Benicio Del Toro’ not like’Benico Del Toro’. Hey writer, you can’t make a mistake like that. After I’ve read it, I haven’t read the rest of the article. Çaw

  5. Jennalicious

    This is catty, be forewarned

    Is it just me or does this girl seriously look like Spike, the evil gremlin? Her teeth, her pointy chin…I’m telling you, if they remade the movie tomorrow that bitch would be top choice, no costume needed!

  6. krystyn

    Dudes….RYAN Adams. Not Bryan, RYAN.

  7. lollipop

    bad teeth is SO a sign of bulimia…not alway, i know, but come on…we’re talkin’ LiLo here… also a symptom of meth addiction…take your pick!

  8. lollipop

    bad teeth is SO a sign of bulimia…not always, i know, but come on…we’re talkin’ LiLo here… also a symptom of meth addiction…take your pick!

  9. ANONA

    As long as LiHo’s mom is getting paid as her “momager” she doesn’t care what the heck her daughter does. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom joined in on the fun with all these guys!

  10. Jonathon Holmes, PsD

    Am I the only one that ealizes that the people LL has hooked up with, she’s boned? Let’s break it down:
    -”quietly seeing” Ryan Adams = she’s quietly suckin’ his cock or he’s eating her pussy out.
    -”hooked up with” Benico Del Torro = she’s fucked Del Torro.

    Why can’t she be honest and just say “I’ve fucked an Oscar-winner and i’m suckin’ on a famous singer’s cock”?

    LL has fallen from grace in my book. She used to have REAL beauty and REAL talent. Now she’s trying to out-whore Paris Hilton and Tara Reid.

  11. Dowablahbla

    Wow! She looks so skinny. Did anyone see her in that red dress..She looked awful.
    Why does she say she’s gained weight? She looks the same. All she did was change her hair color. Someone needs to step in and tell her to gain about 10 pounds. I doubt she’s dating Bryan or Ryan Adams. I think she most likely is seeing Jared Leto. She had that J pendant on recently.

  12. sexygirl 2006

    i dont beleave that shit. as beautyful as she is. y would she go out with a ulgy older guys. that is bull sheep no one should beleave that.

  13. budee87

    the truth…
    Lindsey is a cocaine addict, in fact almost EVERYBODY in hollywood is. It’s a trap these stars fall into, they gotta do cocaine in order to be “in” or “trustd” because everyone else does it. As for the hook-ups…at this exact moment She’s fucking her favorite fuck-buddy, Jared Leto (he likes her/she doesn’t), but she’s seeing other men cause Jared’s gained weight for a role(shallow). Hollywood and it’s celebrities aren’t real…Couples/Marriages are formed by managers that have gone on for years, your top leading men get ass fucked by their male directors/Producers for roles in blockbusters, face it Hollywood is one Big LIE.

  14. jaime

    Jennalicous, the lead gremlin is Stripe, not spike. And I thought Sly Stone looked just like him when he came out during his tribute at the Grammy Awards. Lindsay has a thing for Jude Law too, but, she could never get him now.

  15. Corena

    Say it isn’t so, Beno! If Scarlett Johannsen didn’t get close to Beno, I very much doubt a mediocre “actress” like Lohan could pull him.

  16. I dont even know what to think of this. Im not a fan of Lindsey but I love Ryan Adams. I hope to god that the rumors arent true but who knows. Ryan does enjoy sex.

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