Lindsay Lohan Litters

July 20th, 2005 // 13 Comments

She was actually aiming at the paparazzi, but missed, and therefore littered. Bad Lindsay. The can, and Lindsay shielding herself with her purse after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Stacy

    I think that shirt of hers is more of a crime than the littering. Did she borrow that from Blanche Deveraux?

  2. Ari

    PLEASE tell me, is that a can of weight-gain powder?

  3. Brian

    Lindsay dear,if you’d EAT something,you would have the strength to actually throw something at the paparazi.

  4. Simon

    It a bottle of Maguires auto products. Looks like a can of leather wipes.

  5. starrzz

    she could eat tons and tons, but if she keeps on with the crunk, it won’t make no difference

  6. smax

    she looks loaded.

  7. nikka

    poor girl, she looks pissed

  8. Freaky Wednesday

    When did this happen? has a report that she was seen on the 17th with her hair dyed back to its regular color.

  9. steve

    All coked up and in her way to Oscar glory.

  10. J

    My real boobs are in this bag I’m holding rrrrrright here……

  11. J

    She must read Spiderman… look at the form on that throw.

  12. bad bunny

    yes…poooor lindsay. wait!…is’nt this exactly what she wanted? to be hunted down by paparazzi? to be center of attention? to make the front cover of people, us weekly and every other tabloid paper or magazine. please this girl needs a reality check, being the “it girl” means self sacrifice. forget about living a normal life, she’s been so manufactured it’s really hard to tell who lindsay lohan really is…or was?

    better luck next time on the garbage toss:)

  13. heidi

    this girl seriously has an attitude problem, if she doesn’t want the attention then she shouldn’t have been in the showbiz industry.

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