Lindsay Lohan Just Needs Some Love

October 24th, 2006 // 4 Comments

Grandma knows best. According to Lindsay Lohan’s grandmother, Marilyn Lohan, all Lindsay needs is a stable boyfriend to keep her in check.

She says, “If Lindsay would get herself a stable boyfriend, I think everything would be better. It’s such a shame she’s no longer with Harry. He was good for her and she seemed more settled. She needs a relationship to keep her on the right track.”

And possibly a new stylist.

Lindsay Lohan’s Grandmother Says ‘Lindsay Needs Love’ [Starpulse]

Written by Lauren Burch

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kat

    what she needs is some home training and some class.

  2. she’s just young and immature, people used to talk trash about Drew Barrymore, it’ll be interesting to see if L’Lo ever matures

  3. januaryanne

    to be fair, l lo’s grandma probably doesn’t know what a stylist is.

    doesnt that comment make you think, lindsay has been told since she was young that getting a stable boyfriend will make you okay? …and doesn’t that maybe explain a LOT? i can’t judge for reals but i kind of feel for her in that way — at least my mama slapped a little sense into me.

  4. susiesneds

    What a very 1950′s thing to say. But, it is very reminicent of a by-gone era of men coming to the rescue! The grandmother was probably raised that way too, get your “M-R-S.” and settle down and let the man take care of you!
    Linsday Lohan is young, immature (who wasn’t at that age?!) has access to enormous amounts of monet, has fame and parties like a lot of US would (and probably did). Hopefully she’ll live through this period of her life.

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