Lindsay Lohan Is So Irritating That She’s Actually Causing Rehab Patients to Go Back to Drugs

(Mavrix Photo)

Lohan’s rehab method could probably be best described as “spoiled bitch sorta goes to rehab to appease insurance carriers/producers on film set so her ass still gets paid” and it’s apparently irritating the other patients. Apparently, people are so annoyed that they’re leaving in droves.

TMZ spoke with a recent ex-resident of the Wonderland house where Lohan has been, er … staying, and said that making an early exit was due entirely to the distraction created by Lindsay.

“Wonderland has become a joke,” according to our source. A very expensive joke. “While I’m trying to save my life, she’s (L.L.) trying to save her face.”

Not that I need to defend her ass, but I will say that it sounds like some junkies found themselves an excuse to get back on the rock. I have a chocolate addiction, and tried quitting only to immediately cue up on some Ring Dings the fourth time they re-cast the role of Carly on General Hospital. Seriously, I just couldn’t handle the strain and totally justified it to myself. I’m weak. Very weak.

(Mavrix Photo)