Lindsay Lohan Is Blonde Again

And it ain’t a pretty thing. Lindsay Lohan spent more that 11 hours in a hair salon yesterday going from her natural red color to a ridiculous platinum blonde. She also added extensions, so now in addition to being too blonde it’s too long.

According to the MailOnline, Li-Lo is getting it done for the film she’s working on Dare To Love Me, which is going into production soon.

While getting her hair done, Lindsay was seen chatting, smiling, drinking something, and smoking a cigarette. This happy girl is a far cry from the thoroughly distraught Lindsay we saw just a few days ago. As much I think it is for a movie, it also probably has something to do with her post meltdown shopping spree.

Dare To Love Me may not be the only movie Lindsay is going to working on soon. She’s also being approached for a Robert Rodriguez film, which I think would be quite good for her. Unlike this blonde hair. Lindsay shouldn’t do blonde. She shouldn’t even that dark brown she likes so much. Lindsay is a red head. I refuse for the girl from The Parent Trap to have anything but that red hair. I love that movie.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan shows off her new long, blonde hair.