Lindsay Lohan Texting Men, Samantha Ronson Disgruntled

Lindsay Lohan is getting itchy again, folks. She’s feeling the mysterious, magnetic pull of all the virile heterosexual men in the room. Damn them for sending testosterone-laden mating calls toward our little lesbian-who-could. Damn them!

Apparently, Lindsay met two “hunky” DJ’s in London and she’s been sending the Brits steamy text messages, much to the chagrin of her girlfriend.

Try as she may, Samantha Ronson is just never, ever going to get the whole XY thing down, which pisses her off miserably.

“The texts can be quite flirtatious. Lindsay swears they’re innocent but Sam worries she wants to start dating guys again. Sam is also anxious over the actress’s commitment to her. This makes Lindsay angry – she feels she’s a loyal girlfriend.”

Well, knowing Lindsay’s previous taste in, er, men, Sam probably doesn’t have too much to worry about anyway…

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