Lindsay Lohan Is ‘Awkward’ Pole Dancer

Recently Lindsay Lohan hit up a New York City strip club in order to practice a little pole dancing in preparation for a new movie role. The professionals were not impressed. Page Six reports:

They were amazed she even got the part. When Lohan worked the pole there one night with Kate Moss 11 months ago, “she was very awkward,” recalls Kim (a 5-foot-10, 36C-24-35 brunette), “although she did look like she was having a good time.” Angelica (blonde, 36DD-25-36) agreed that Lohan seemed klutzy, as did Maria (blonde, 34C-23-33), who opined, “I give her credit for getting up there.”

First of all it’s good to see that Lindsay really does her homework and does lots of research for a film role. I can’t wait for the movie to come out where she plays a crazed drug addled, alcoholic, cutting, public food regurgitating, floozy. She’s really sunk her teeth into that “role” for the past couple years. And yes “floozy,” as I imagine the picture to be set in the 1920’s.

I also love that Page Six printed up the strippers stats, because everyone knows you can’t trust a 5-foot-10, 36C-24-35 brunette.