Lindsay Lohan Is A Victim: Lindsay Talks About Drugs, Jail, And That Stolen Passport

Lindsay Lohan gave her crying liver a rest as she returned to Los Angeles from Cannes on Friday (May 22), stepping off a yacht and saying some goodbyes and as she was safe to fly without being picked up by the police on her arrival.

Hollywood TV talked to her before her rescheduled court date today, and bless them, they asked almost every question everyone has wanted to ask her. Not that it matters. She’s so far in denial that her answers are exactly what you would expect; defensiveness, paranoia, lies. The sad thing is she’s not even a good enough actress to make any of it sound convincing. You went to India to get a passport? Crack smoker says what?

Lindsay seems to believe she was in Cannes to promote a movie that hasn’t even moved past negotiations, which must be done on yachts while shit faced to the point of needing walking assistance.

And she sees no reason to be carted off to jail when she missed one class because of her uncle’s death, although she says she didn’t go to his funeral because she went to another class. A class that must have been held at the Chateau Marmont (how nice of them.)

If she put half as much effort into her career as her excuses she might be in a real movie right now, but she’s too busy enjoying Lindsay Land where the world is out to get her and everyone else has issues.

Check out the interview after the jump although in some way it will make you responsible for the downfall of her career or the next time she looses her keys.