Lindsay Lohan Is A Road Hazard

Despite her distinct lack of dangerous curves, Lindsay Lohan means bad news for anyone getting behind the wheel of her car containing the freckle-covered starlet.

Her assistant ran into a Subaru while driving Lindsay’s new $100,000 Maserati, damaging the front left side of the car. Even though Lindsay looks annoyed, it’s really Samantha Ronson who will end up being the most upset, since Lord knows she’ll be paying for it.

Fearful and jobless, Lindsay’s problems continue to pile up. Even though she’s unemployed, she manages to keep busy with her mandatory community service for her 2007 DUI. As inconvenient as this latest fender-bender might be, at least she doesn’t have a warrant out for her…at the moment.

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gets into a car accident in Glendale.