Lindsay Lohan Is A Bloody Mess

And not just because of conservatorship threats and repeated violence with the ex-girlfriend.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted a picture of her with a gun to her lips and a smile last night. But don’t put the finishing touches on that obituary just yet it’s all in the name of art. “Tyler Fields DOES IT AGAIN! it’s ALL happening,” she tweeted with a link to the photo.

Tyler Fields worked with her on his book The Dirty Side of Glamor and he posted some pics on his website where he said “Everyone has an idea of Lindsay Lohan and last night I had the pleasure of working with her she is a huge art lover and simply wanted to create some and that is exactly what we did!”

The pictures don’t do anything to change her image from hot mess to art lover, posing with her ankles over her head, sprawled on the ground in thigh highs and bra, smoking a cigarette, and not a pair of pants in sight. Check out the video of the shoot after the jump.

“She loved doing the shoot” Tyler said “especially how much discussion it will stir up with fans and the media.” I knew it wasn’t about art.