Lindsay Lohan In Complex

Well, at least it’s a paying job.  

I’m sure you’re a little overwhelmed with this one right now, but Lindsay Lohan is featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Complex magazine, which appears to be her livelihood of late.  

The accompanying article, in which Complex claims to be supporting the person behind the controversy, is then confusingly paired with several pictures of Lindsay in a bikini.  I feel the love… for cash!

Anyway, to make things more confusing, the pictures were then enhanced by ex-graffiti artist KAWS.  No wonder the magazine is called Complex!

The pictures from the article are attached and are all kinds of meh.  Half nude woman as art medium is a little played out.  And even more unimpressively, a video of the photo shoot (seriously, why do they always do that?) is after the jump.  Enjoy!