Lindsay Lohan Is Just Fine

Dressed as a slutty Little Red Riding Hood, Lindsay Lohan has left hospital after a stay due to a severe asthma attack (and not an extreme pregnancy). The starlet’s mother has lashed out at the press for assuming she was hospitalized for something more severe, like and eating disorder. Mmm. Gee, how would the press ever assume that one?

Actress Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina has reacted angrily to media speculations about her daughter’s health condition after she was admitted to a hospital.

Dina was with Lindsay when she suffered a severe asthma attack that caused a blood vessel in her neck to burst, according to

She was disgusted by articles suggesting that the health scare was more serious. The media has speculated that Lindsay was struggling with an eating disorder.

Dina said: “I don’t think people understand how truly terrifying it is to have an asthma attack.”

Lohan has spent a week in Mount Sinai Medical Centre in Miami after collapsing with breathing problems Monday night. She was diagnosed with asthma when she was just two.

We are just happy that our little young seductress is feeling better.

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