Lindsay Lohan In Tears

August 23rd, 2005 // 46 Comments

Why was Lindsay crying at the Ivy? Was she out of smokes? Did she lose her fake I.D.?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Laura Lord Belle

    She finally realizes that she misses her breast/red hair/talent!!

  2. Laura Lord Belle

    argh! I meant breasts!!

  3. Katie

    Cocaine use can make one very irritable!

  4. michi

    I’m worried about this chickie,
    she seems to get more depressed in every picture. I think she is rapidly approaching a breakdown.

  5. doofus

    as much as I blame her for her tabloid popularity (if she didn’t party so much…!) a picture like this makes me feel sad for her.

    yeah, she’s got a lot going for her, but she’s still a teenager, and it can even be hard for an adult to handle the fame and fortune she has. plus, you throw in her dad’s behavior and the divorce…maybe it’s all finally catching up to her.

    of course, it could be something as simple as Fez blowing her off and making time with another girl…if that’s the case, well then…cry me a freakin’ river, linds!

  6. Jizbiotch

    Please don’t worry about me!! You’re my peeps, I love you dearly. SUCK BIG DOMINICAN DICKS, OKAY?

  7. lizzz

    Another side effect of anorexia- depression. It’s great that the it girls make our youth want to emulate them.

  8. Adam

    i bet she lost here Amex and coke again
    … airhead

  9. Shana

    That’s not nice…
    Not cool.

  10. M

    Shes only crying because Sienna Miller made it chic to cry when your being hounded by paps. The girls never had an original thought in her life…

  11. Kat

    My guess is that she saw her outfit reflected in her coke mirror. She was understandably upset.

  12. p!mp

    why do you people have to comment and blab about someone crying damn such a low yall go. would u want to be laughed at when your upset? i highly doubt that. she wasnt in an angry state either which makes it worse to laugh at someone. yall are triflin leave the poor girl alone

  13. M

    No I would not want to be laughed at when I was upset, but thats why I dont blow lines at Marquee when I’m having a bad day.

  14. Doesnt Matter

    um personally i really dont think anyone should be making bad comments about Lindsay Lohan i love her with all my heart…. and shes a fuckin celebrity what does it matter if she cries…. like none of you have done it before…. what give you a right to talk about people like you have never cried…. give it up shes better than you : )

  15. moss

    doesn’t matter: You “LOVE” her? What, has lindsay held your hand at the doctor’s office? Did she let you go through her closet and help her pick out what to wear? How can you love someone you haven’t met?

    The funny part to me is she’s all walking down a greasy alley sobbing and the dudes from the kitchen on their smoke break are all unconcerned. Heh.

  16. Megan

    “Blow lines”? Um, I think you need to study up on your drug slang if that is in fact what you’re referring to.

  17. Your an idiot

    Um, Megan, before you think you are so cool….”blow lines” is a term. Nice try, though.

  18. SHERRY

    It’s one of the orginal slang terms.

  19. Whatever

    First of all, you can’t judge that she’s snorting Coke and that’s why she’s emotional, since you don’t know for sure. And I love how some people are using it as an excuse to be cruel…Second, she’s a teenager and is probably confused about where she is going or what she’s doing in life. She’s probably overwhelmed…hopefully people don’t blame your emotions on drugs, whoring around, partying, or any other number of ridiculous reasons.

  20. sb

    she probably isn’t crying, she is just covering her eyes.

    Sometimes I think that these people aren’t really drunk or crying, those could just be bad photos at odd moments. When they take 50 photos in two minutes of someone, a couple pictures are going to be bad photos and everyone says hey look at how drunk she is, but those are just 3 bad photos out of 300.

  21. harhar

    Cruelty is the “THING” for this site and all of other blog sites.

    Seems to me most ppl here are full of hatred, racist thoughts, envy and jealousy.

    Eh, what do you expect. It’s the internet, they dont have to show their faces here.

  22. mk

    maybe she’s not crying at all…it could just be a headache. those pictures are pixelated, if you can see actual tears then you must be mad.

  23. SG

    harhar?? then why are ya here??

    Anyways, I have sympathy/empathy for lots of people, Ms. Lohan ain’t one of them, sorry. In my line of work, I see real sadness and devastation through no fault of my clients (who happen to be children), and whatever LL has reaped, she has sown. Maybe she should slow her ass down

  24. leave lindsay alone

    k just fucking leave her alone u try having ur whole life photographed and thrown in magazines for all to c and have people make fun of u like this, she has just as much right to go out like any other person. for fuck sakes shes a fucking teenager who doesnt go out and party at that age

  25. bighotrod

    you have got to be kidding me with all this empathy/sympathy for this teenage billionaire? what SG said is right, whatever she has reaped, she has sown. i’m so fucking tired of these teenage kids who start dressing like whores at 15 while wearing $25,000 worth of clothes, driving around in their $150,000 cars, buying $6,000,000 houses, traveling the world on some studio’s dime to promote a mindless stupid movie that barely had a script. they sure do like not having rules and parents and school while they are sitting in the VIP section of their global hotspot pick of the week, well there is a flip side to that coin. another flip side they should get used to is that the press they so eagerly manipulate to advance their latest attempt to act is also the press that wants to chase them down an alley while they are crying. double edged sword folks. don’t bitch about the same thing you repeatedly use to your advantage, (especially when the benefits of it are millions and millions of dollars) or you just end up sounding like a cunt. give me a break if you think LL cares about anyone less fortunate than her…she is a product, a brand, she is a teenage hollywood robot, and she is certain that she’s better than 95% of the planet, because she has been groomed to believe that and repeatedly told that she is.
    oh and before you feel too sorry for her, whether she is at the ivy in LA or the ivy in London, she is eating a meal that most of our parents and grandparents couldn’t imagine spending that much money for. whereas i have eaten in both (smile, yes i’m being pretentious, although i can’t tell which one this is as i never used the alleys) they were memorable occasions for me, whereas she could give a shit because she “knows” that she’s entitled.
    she will learn that she can’t lindsay her way out of nor buy her way out of everything in life. so many kids have absolutely horrific lives, the likes of which she won’t ever even act out in a movie if she’s lucky. she ought to be thanking her lucky stars that she was put on the hollywood conveyor belt and granted the ability to buy a mansion at 16.

  26. harhar

    I didnt say ALL of us were cruel and racist. Im here cuz Im a gossip whore, and I take everything here as a grain of salt – probably the same for a lot of others too. But some ppl have sooo much hatred here it makes me wonder how much of a life they have in real life.

  27. WTF

    Not that I condone her behaviour, but…

    Some of us will never comprehend the lives of Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton and the likes. Im sure we can judge and say we’d never be that shallow, but if you were put in that situation and growing up like them (who had never been broke, around media friends, and bling), you might just sing a different tune. I’d blame their parents if anything, for allowing them to grow up in such materialistic environment and not putting stricter rules to their behaviour.

    And for god’s sakes, even is she was crying in that photo, who gives a shit??? Dont you ever cry?

  28. ERIN

    you give people a topic with a place to write commments ur going to get everyone’s honest opinion. everyone is just going to have to deal.and the person who is LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE first question how old are you and second stop copying and pasting that shit on every gossip blog. and BIGHOTROD can i say AMEN!! you took the words right out of my mouth. these young stars are getting paid the money b/c young people look up to them as role models. and thats what they signed up for so going out late partying just like any other teen would do does not apply to them and they knew that when they started this young

  29. is it wrong that when lindsay cries, i can’t help but smile?

  30. tempest

    Oh god! I havent seen so many teenage blog trolls in a long time!

    I “love” lindsay?

    Jeez shes a coked up anorexic bimbo.

    Get over it kids.

    I’m with industrywhore. Is it so bad it makes us smile?

  31. TasAnnie

    All those who commented earlier about the vapid lives of these empty consumer robot celebrities…I agree wholeheartedly. I wonder why we bother reading about them. It obviously makes us feel like we’re not doing too badly. Wouldn’t it be amazing if one of these airheads actually grew a brain and started acting responsibly?

  32. the word

    If it weren’t for us, they wouldn’t be making as much money as they are. Although it seems like they’re being “harrassed” by paparazzi and gossip, it’s what pays their expensive bills. Celebrities like lohan, paris, and tara don’t have acting/singing/ modeling talents and live off of their high profile social lives.

  33. you are losers

    They people who are trying to sympathize, empathize or defend these brats are stupid. It doesn’t bring you closer to them or making you a celebrity’s friend. You’re still a nobody.

  34. ew

    u guys are SAD. if you hate her so much why are you freaking obsessed with her? because she gives you something to do? insecure, jealous losers. i feel bad for her, everyone cries and its even harder if you have cameras in your face every second of the day. i hope shes ok

  35. ya..great

    Bighotrod> if you’ve really been to the Ivy you’d know that Lindsay was at Koi in those pics, not Ivy.

  36. Trisha

    I agree with the Sienna Miller comment…crying will be the new must “picture” to capture…ala all the stars and there coffee from Starbucks etc. Although I do agree that these young stars have ego’s bigger than a third world country, I don’t totally agree that they deserve to be hounded twenty four seven by asshole photographers either. Everybody has a job, there’s just happens to be acting, that doesn’t mean they (meaning celebrities in general) deserve to be followed around and harrassed constantly. But hey, it makes for great entertainment and fodder on these blogs. I’m addicted!

  37. emma chloe

    These comments all as entertaining as the photos. Relax and have some fun guys.
    As for Ms HoHan, another typical evening, too much of coke, smoke, hard drinks , add a few xenax will screw you up.
    I acutually feel sorry for her, she is still so young and there is no resposible grown up around her to give her sound advice and protect her.Where is her mother?

  38. angrypasser

    Oh how much I hate it when people say celebs are humans too and they deserve to have privacy too, bla bla bla…

    They CHOSE to become celebrities, this was their choice and they know with all the amount of $$ they make, there’s another price to it. Dont complain about not having any privacies, it’s all BULLSHIT! Are they complaining when they rack up the millions and millions of dollars when we go and “watch” their movies? In some ways, WE are the ones who pay for their luxury lfestyles. Get over yourself or quit the business. Or shut the fuck up!

  39. Jenny

    She’ just a person. Maybe she is capable of real feelings. Maybe ypu guys aren’t. Leave the poor kid alone.

  40. I Is a ho, offiskinner!

    Okay , had to change th I.D. This girl takes and never receives , she’s a buswreck. Nuff said.

  41. I Is a ho, offiskinner!

    Oops , wrong post! So little time these days. Lindsay, why cry!?? Your parents are shit , you don’t lie well and your movie career is tanking. Cocaine’s a bore , Meth. is too== Go figure. If I had it all like your sorry drugged ass I’d help my peeps! But , you know everything , you don’t need the advice. See you.

  42. I Is a ho !

    Tas Annie or whatever. — Blow Me.

  43. I'm an idiot!!

    Posted on August 23, 2005 01:45 PM

    Your an idiot said:
    Um, Megan, before you think you are so cool….”blow lines” is a term. Nice try, though.

    Posted on August 23, 2005 01:57 PM

    SHERRY said:
    It’s one of the orginal slang terms.

    Posted on August 23, 2005 02:51 PM

    Hmm… I’m intrigued. Do I have to be 60 years old to know this? Is this a term like “burning rope” or a “lid” of pot? Why can’t I find a *single* reference to this ‘term’?

    Just curious.

    And anyway, it’s too late. I still think I’m “so cool”.


    The Idiot

  44. kieran

    ive never seen her cry befor wonder what she is cryin about

  45. KayLee

    She is problry so mad because her work, father & why she was making frist the music video she spraned her ankel i should know because she is my best friend

  46. ciara

    hey lindsay i no how u feel been humiliated like dat it happens 2 me alot espically in skul i allways get bullied nd stuff

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