Lindsay Lohan Hopes To Play Marilyn Monroe, Hangs With Sam Ronson

Aside from working on trying to mend her broken romance with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan is hell bent on starring in a remake of the classic film, Some Like It Hot, which originally stars Marilyn Monroe.

Lohan has reportedly been pitching the idea around town, with director Brett Ratner turning her down. However, the freckled starlet remains undeterred in her dream getting the chance to portray her idol on the silver screen.

A source tells OK! magazine, “Lindsay is pinning her hopes on getting a remake of Some Like It Hot off the ground. She’s undaunted, but there’s no script and there’s no money. The only thing Lindsay has to sell is herself.” I’m kind of hoping Megan Fox tries to snatch this out from under Linds. Just cause I think it would be interesting to watch.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson meet with friends at 7-Eleven on Melrose in Los Angeles.