Lindsay Lohan Hides Out In WeHo & Plans Trip To India

Following in the footsteps of Jessica Simpson, who has recently returned from a trip to India, Lindsay Lohan has announced plans to visit the country as part of a documentary about child trafficking.

Lohan cites a conversation with British tycoon, Richard Branson, in Dubai, as her inspiration for participating in the project. Lindsay says, “I’m going to India soon, actually, before Thanksgiving. And I’m doing a documentary for the BBC Network.”

The star adds, “It’s basically on the trafficking of children in Bihar, India… I’m a little nervous, but I’m excited to do something like that.”

Speaking of being nervous, Lindsay has retreated to her condo in West Hollywood since the burglary on her Hollywood Hills home. An inside source tells Page Six that the starlet made the move in the early morning hours several weeks ago, to keep paparazzi and potential burglars off her trail.

And, we’re guessing, her father, Michael Lohan.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan leaves the Staples Center after watching the Los Angeles Lakers play the Clippers.