Lindsay Lohan: Helping Haiti Or Losing Her Status?

What to do when you’re not invited to the shows at Fashion Week in the US? Go to the Brit Awards in London? Well, shoot…Lindsay Lohan didn’t get invite to that either…When in doubt, host a party!

Lohan personally invited partiers to the new River Room at London Altitute 360, but most of the A-list crowd was at the award show. While the award show was screened at the party, Lohan rubbed shoulders with reality stars who would be happy to attend a drink opening.

One person Lohan rubbed more than shoulders with in the past, Colum Best, made an appearance. British reality star Bianca Gascolgne had some night as she huddled in a street corner while her friend kicked away pesky photographers. Janice Dickinson wore a dress not indecent enough so she hiked it up and leaned about.

While Lohan’s ability to hang with the A-listers might be gone her habits are not. She partied at Bungalow 8 and left the Kurt Geiger store with 10 bags like a good little hoarder.

Lindsay tweeted a denial about her Fashion Week rejection today saying “I’d rather be raising money for those that need it in Haiti than be at fashion week.”

Do we believe her?