Lindsay Lohan Has Had Enough Of Dr. Drew

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has got a new feud on her hands, and this time it isn’t with someone she dated. Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab called out the less-than-sober star on her partying in column in the Huffington Post, defending her father’s public outcry for her to get help.

“When I was asked as a father, if I were in Michael Lohan’s
position, what would I do to help my daughter, I am clear that I would
go to any lengths to get her to and retain her in treatment,” the celeb doc said. Dr. Drew believes that bringing in law enforcement might be the only way to stop Lindsay from hitting the bottle then the dance floor, like she did April 13, leaving NYC’s Butter at 2 AM.

“We frequently enlist law enforcement when we have exhausted other measures,” he said.

Lindsay’s response was less than receptive. “He’s such a loser,” she told Gossip Cop. “He’s not a real doctor, he’s a celebrity doctor.” Just like you’re not a real actress, right?