Lindsay Lohan Has Advice For Her 45-Year Old Sister

March 8th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Goddamn, someone needs to have a sitdown with this 14 year old. She should be sitting in her unicorn decorated bedroom and watching Nickelodeon. She should not look like a Long Island supercougar at this age. Get her some moisturizer and better role models! Ali Lohan is set to star with her stage mom from hell Dina Lohan in a new reality series for E! called “Living Lohan”. I assume it will be a lot of Dina talking to the press and Ali fetching Mommy cocktails.

Anyway, Ali recently told “Teen Vogue” that she “wants to be famous so bad”. Ugh, that’s terrifying to me. That leads to a lot of bad decisions. Like doing a reality show with your hag momma or softcore. Big sister Lindsay Lohan’s advice to Ali is “stay out of the clubs”. That’s the smartest thing that slattern has said in ages.

Lindsay also says that “I wish her the best of luck.” Translation: “you ain’t getting a cent from me or any type of collaboration on this mess.” You know this show isn’t Lindsay’s fondest wish. She wishes for the type of alcoholic mom who just passes out when she’s drunk, not running to every network possible to make “statements”.

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By J. Harvey

  1. jess

    nick, disney it doesn’t matter. she ‘s prolly getting adivce from vanessa and jamie-lynn.

  2. jess

    nick, disney it soesn’t matter. she ‘s prolly getting adivce from vanessa and jamie-lynn.

  3. Mel

    She is really ugly for a little girl. looks like she has been drinking in her mom’s womb.

  4. dearlmat

    she is down-to earth,, I just read her blog on a celeb site called ‘Searching Millionaire DOTcom’.can’t believe she is also a good writer.

  5. Interloper

    I don’t know. Hollywood is a cut throat business, I don’t think the younger Lohan has the looks or skills to make it big like her sister. I mean say what you will about Lindsay, before she skanked out and got a habit, she was fresh and cute and had a semblance of talent. Her sis just seems to want the fame and money and power and isn’t that interested in the work or being good at anything. She just wants to be another Paris Hilton type, famous for being famous. It’s getting sort of old.

  6. Kairenn

    Big nose, looks bad.

  7. Suz

    Yes, she looks *really* odd-at least big sis is cute and had the sense to NOT to be quoted saying she wants fame ‘really bad’. Given the state of young Hollywood today who knows what she will or has done during her quest to become famous. And, how sad-she is obviously,um, not too bright. ‘Drinking in the womb’ that would be hysterical if it didn’t look like it was true. Someone call social services.

  8. why is she always in our faces? What has she done that is worthy of attention? I am so sick of people being famous by association or for no reason.

  9. blah

    Dude, she is not going to age well. Also, it’s a bit pathetic to openly admit that you want to be famous “so bad”. That’s a little too Anna Nicole for my taste. Even Paris would say that’s in bad taste. Everyone knows Paris is a whore for fame (and other things), but at least she has sense to never own up to it.

  10. This picture affirms the statement:

    take a close look at her ears!!

  11. Wow. You really have that family’s number. “She wishes for the type of alcoholic mom who just passes out when she’s drunk, not running to every network possible to make ‘statements’”…. I couldn’t have put it better myself. That is going to be one sad, scary tv show….

  12. Fuchsia

    I recoil every time I see this kid. Damn, she’s ugly. She looks waaaay too much like Dina Lohan.

    And that’s too much makeup for a fully grown woman.


    Just all ban the show then

  14. angel

    whoa shes ugly

  15. Ali..

    HA Ali’s more my age, ( im 15 ) but common’ give me her sister anyday!


    we share nicknames too LOL

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