Lindsay Lohan & Harry Morton, Media Sluts?

Any complaining Lindsay Lohan has to do about how she’s constantly hounded by paparazzi has been negated by the fact that it appears both she and her boyfriend have been courting as much media attention as possible by staging “events” to be conveniently captured on film. According to Janet Charlton’s Hollywood, both Lindsay and her boyfriend, Harry Morton are guilty of this blatant media whoring, despite Lindsay’s very public complaints about her lack of privacy from the overly aggressive paparazzi.

First, there’s the case of Lindsay’s supposed stolen and then magically recovered purse full of jewelry.

Then, there’s Harry’s fakey-fake trip to the jeweler’s, in which he actually waited for photographers to show up outside of Cartier before he began fake ring-shopping.

Oh Lindsay, I’m starting to doubt that you wrote “Rumors” with the sincerity I had initially suspected.

More photos of Lindsay Lohan in New York City are after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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