Lindsay Lohan Has Issues With Scarlett Johannson

January 12th, 2006 // 11 Comments

We love the fact that Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan are still hanging out. I’m sure they spent their time whiling the hours away sharing coke stories. Toward the end of the evening, when Lindsay had to be blotto, things got nasty.

We hear that last night at about 11:30, none other than Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss sauntered into the Dark Room during the Tarts of Pleasure DJ set. Apparently the BFFs were looking for a venue where they wouldn’t be noticed, so Last Year’s Favorite Blow Bar seemed an appropriate choice for two “recovered” drug users.

Here’s where it gets more interesting: While in the bathroom, Lohan allegedly asked if anyone had a Sharpie. A fellow patron actually happened to have one and handed it over to Lohan, who then used it to scrawl “Scarlett is a cunt” on the wall. Well done, Cap’n Discreet.

What other Scarlett, other than Scarlett Johansson, could she be Sharpieing about? Did Kate Moss put her up to it? Offer her a line, for Lindsay to do Kate’s dirty work? We will never truly know what really happened in the bathroom at the Dark Room, but I’m sure Linsday will deny the Sharpie incident ever took place.

Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan’s Dark Room Adventure [Gawker]

UPDATE: Apparently ending their evening at Dark Room wasn’t in the cards for Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss. They decided on heading over to Scores for some pole dancing, vodka shots, and mulitple trips to the bathroom.

But the fun really started when Moss jumped on the stage nearest the main bar and began grinding against a pole, much to the delight of hundreds of red-blooded banker types.

“Kate was going wild,” a witness told us. “After a few songs, Lindsay jumped on stage with her. They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other’s waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, just acting like strippers…”

Who knew that partying with a 19-year-old could be so much fun?

Kate, Lindsay Bump & Grind [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    And that’s the kind of bull$hit you resort to when your star power is fading (and your looks, might I add), in order to keep in the public eye…

  2. lucea

    guess it’s because Scarlett and Leto used to date? and that Scarlett’s carreer is more promising and she’s actually talented.
    what a jealous little twat.

  3. Anna

    hey lindsay, pull your skirt down, your insecurity is showing.
    whether this is true or not, if lindsay doesn’t already feel completely inferior to scarlett in every way, she should. it must be hard competing for roles with peers who are actually talented. and who don’t have asthma.

  4. doofus

    well, even tho Lohan isn’t of high school age anymore, she still acts like she’s in high school.

    Leto must have some residual feelings for Scarlett…I can’t imagine you’d have such hatred for your man’s ex unless he was still in contact with her or still had feelings for her.

    and I agree with lucea and anna…scarlett actually has talent and, although she’s almost the same age as Lohan, she’s infinitely more mature. “lost in translation” vs. “herbie fully loaded”? no contest there…poor widdle lindsay must be jealous – there’s no other excuse for what she did.

  5. LAPD

    Why don’t they do anything about these bars that serve liquor to minors?

  6. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    I hope Johansson kicks the shit out of that bulimic fucktwat Hohan.

    What a jealous little bitch

  7. doofus

    to paris hilton’s hymen…your comments always crack me up!

    keep up the snark – it’s so much fun to read!

  8. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Thanks sugah!

  9. Fugly Girl

    When will these douche bags be held accountable for the line snorting and underage drinking? And why won’t someone take Kate Moss’s daugher away?!?!?! You know any other coke snorting whore would have no parental rights whatsoever!!!!

  10. pooch

    Maybe they’re dating…I mean Kate & Lohan not Lohan & Scarlett

  11. mish

    has anyone out there seen a scarlett jo.
    movie? i’m perplexed why she is famous and always seen on this site.

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