Lindsay Lohan Hates Pot – And Her Father

March 4th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Thank God this has all been cleared up. I was concerned the Lindsay what spending all her idle hours in her trailer rolling joint after joint after joint.

“I’m not going to deny the fact that I’ve tried pot. I hated it. But I’ve never tried cocaine. I’ve seen my father, I’ve seen how it messes with families, and you know, it f—s your life up,” she says. “If I hadn’t experienced that, I may have gone a different route. I don’t know. But I’ve seen how it literally tore my parents apart.”

She says she especially resented remarks her father made last year when she went into the hospital to be treated for exhaustion and he told the media it was really for drugs.

“That really sucks,” Lohan tells W.

She’s so eloquent with words, isn’t she?

She does want her father to go penniless for all the heartache that he’s caused her and her mother. Apparently she doesn’t give a damn about anyone else in her family, because she fails to mention them.

The teenage drama queen lashes out at her estranged father, Michael Lohan, saying he’s not entitled to one penny of her fortune.

“He didn’t do anything for my career except go out and not come home at night and make my mom and me stay up and wonder where he was and then show up three days later,” Lohan vents. “So I don’t think he deserves anything. He doesn’t even deserve my respect.”

There is one thing that she does like. Her boobs. Her natural year-and-a-half-old boobs.

“I’m young and I only got my boobs, like a year and a half ago, so of course they’re going to look good. I love ‘em,” she says, adding that the sudden curves was as much a “shock” to her and recalling her friends’ surprised reactions like, ” ‘Oh, my God, what happened?’ and ‘Are your boobs real?’ “

[via E Online]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. aku

    Why does it look like shes not wearing a shirt in that picture?

  2. Agron a.k.a. a-G

    yo linday lohan is a dime piece…she’s like a young carman electra yo….if she blazes and by that i mean tokes weed….that phat….it makes her more or the girl every guy wants….yo if she reads this id be like lets blaze a blunt and email me at lol….so basically i think she should do her and the people that hate on her…remember….jealousy is a mother F***er

  3. Agron a.k.a. a-G

    ma fault the last post i left bout lohan being a dime and good that she smokes…i meant to say if she sparkz up than she is what every N***a out there wants lol

  4. josh

    Cocaine “literally tore [her] parents apart.” That must have been very painful. Ha, ha.

  5. matt

    Do you guys actually think Lindsay reads any of this shit? You gotta be kinding?

    You must not think to highly of her if you expect her to responds to what you wrote and “spark up a joint”.

  6. I can’t believe you guys made like a fucking bashing site on me! Oh my god, I sign on AOL and I see this shit. Have some respect. Just becase I am a celebrity don’t mean shit, I am a real fucking person…saying you want to beat me and shit I can get Paris on your ass you losers.

  7. selectivesociopath

    Um… Actually your question should’ve been “Do you guys actually think Lindsay reads”

  8. HOw are you sooo sure that that’s the REAL lindsay? Looks like another normal person to me!

    P.S Lindsay is so COOL!

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