Lindsay Lohan Glams Up For Vanity Fair & Talks About Her SCRAM

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In an interview a week before her jail sentence began, Lindsay Lohan sat down to talk to Vanity Fair and said that her whole trial was a torturous affair. And the photos are pretty stunning – it’s probably the most glamorous she’s looked in a long time.

She admitted that it was heartbreaking to see her sister cry in the courtroom, but also felt it was odd that her father, Michael Lohan, was there.

“The worst part of it is you turn around and you see your dad crying and
normally you’d be, like, happy that your father’s there. But then he
has to go and do an interview right after.”

And she still seems to be blaming him for basically a lot of her problems, saying everyone has their own addictions to overcome and that her biggest focus in life know is to “get through the trauma my father has cause in my life.”

And when she first moved to L.A., Lohan says, “it was very go-go-go and I had a lot of responsibility; and I think just the second I didn’t have [structure] anymore–I was 18, 19–with a ton of money and no one really here to tell me that I couldn’t do certain things … And I see where that’s gotten me now, and I don’t like it.”

Oddly enough, VF also interviewed several paparazzi, and reports that Lohan often cooperates with them for a fee, though Lohan denies this. “If I called her up right now and said I’ll give you $10,000, she’d come right down,” a photographer tells Sales. “Once you’re famous, there’s always a way to make money,” another photographer says. “She might not be doing what she’d like to be doing, but she’ll always be Lindsay Lohan.”

That is priceless…literally. Check out the rest of the gallery where Lindsay is seen shopping in LA and even poses with a fan for a photo! I hope she’s on the road to staying clean this time.

By Justin Thompson

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