Lindsay Lohan Gets Sober With A Little Help From The Baldwins

Lindsay Lohan is sort of like Hollywood’s special little charity case. You aren’t a true show biz humanitarian until you’ve offered her a padded, substance-free bungalow away from Samantha Ronson.

First Warren Beatty was rumored to have tried, Jack Nicholson made an appearance, this Saturday she was visited by “three counselors” and now it looks as if Stephen and Danny Baldwin are attempting to provide a “therapeutic environment” for Lindsay to dry out.

Yes, the sentence “Baldwin brothers” and “therapeutic environment” is enough to make one’s eyebrow furrow, but bear with us here.

According to Fox News, “a Baldwin” was quoted as saying, “Lindsay’s doing great, her
sobriety is the most important thing to her…She is taking all the necessary
measures and actions for her continued health.”

However, this must be a brand new arrangement because Michael Lohan refused to comment (i.e. this is the first he’s heard of it). Instead he coyly added: “Lindsay will disclose where she is staying and what she is doing when she is ready.”

Everyone watch your Twitter!

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