Lindsay Lohan Goes For The Mall Hair

September 29th, 2005 // 28 Comments

Not quite, but could her hair get any bigger? She’s all dolled up for the filming of a new music video on 26th Street and 6th Ave. in New York City.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. The Real Ian !

    WOW can honestly say she looks blazing hot there and i would totally bang her , i love the dramatic hair , fake or not . she looks great there.

  2. She actually looks pretty there. It’s amazing, but it won’t last. Tomorrow, we’ll see that she was photographed on some sidewalk with sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt.

  3. Lin

    she looks kinda like jessica simpson in this pic — fake and overdone, with the ridiculous “i’m trying to be sexy” look on her face.

  4. Lin

    oh yeah and the street slut racoon eyes.

  5. WTF????? Are you blind, deaf AND dumb…this is the skankiest, boniest, nastiest piece of trash this side of Xtina. I would walk on infected needles just to spit in her bony face.

  6. Bella

    Note her most gorgeous and expensive shoes…

    Nice sneaks, Hohan.

  7. Scary Ass Makeup

    I don’t mind the hair, or dress…but the makeup is down right scary…she’s so pale and the make up is so heavy..looks nasty….but if she is shooting a video…doesn’t the make up have to be heavier for shooting purposes?

  8. joo

    I like that dress a lot! And i agree.. WAYYY too much black shit on her eyes and shiney cover up.. it looks like she dipped her face in a bucket of paint.

  9. veelee

    What fucking music video???? What kind of electronically-modified Cher wannabe shit is she going to spew out now? Ahhh my ears are bleeding just thinking of her last “hit single”. Like we need to see another 3.5 minutes of her tits being flung at the camera surrounded in a sea of seizure-inducing strobe lights.

  10. Girly Girl

    With the exception of truly ASS ugly shoes- which by the way is a major fucking faux pas people. Beauty hurts. Get used to it- she looks gorgeous! I dig the gown… FINALLY- some couture.

    And her hair is rocking… so much better than the bird’s nest she and the starvation sisters (Mk + Ash) are usually sporting.

    Her stylist gets kudos on this one. Now, if he could keep her under control and dress her this well every day she might have a shot at something greater than ‘Hohan.’

  11. taterhead

    wtf is up with the chuck taylors? And I’m sorry, but the dress, makeup and hair is fugly!

  12. lala

    she looks like a big scary porcelin doll! Yikes!
    and so the downward spiral continues….

  13. Silasdog

    She looks RIDICULOUS!! The hair, the dress, the shoes, the make-up – the whole idea is completely laughable, classless, absurd, 3rd-rate, and embarrassing. Whoever advises her on fashion and grooming is a rank amateur whose simply clueless. On any given day in NYC yoiu can see a thousand sharply dressed, exquisitely groomed women who will take your breath away (without their boobs falling out). This get-up is trash-city USA, and would be better suited for attending Pee Wee Herman’s comeback premier.

  14. Kath

    The first picture is SO CREEPY.

  15. maria

    who told her she could sing?

  16. CARL

    HER agent told her. and he lied.

  17. Elle

    Okay, I am so tired of dumb actress/singer wannabes with big blonde hair extensions. The look is over or at least it should be because its BAD! Lohan should try to be more original…she looks exactly like Hilary Duff.

  18. Jamison

    she does NOT look EXACTLY like hilary duff, hilary duff looks like a cheap teeny-bopper star, lindsay lohan is so beautiful now, bravo for her weight.. gain, i really like the dark red and browns under the blonde

  19. Simple_Tina


  20. MeanJennie22

    I think you guys are totally harsh! She looks fabulous! The dress is gorgeous, very mature and sultry. I do agree, the extensions look awful, but the make up is dark to stand up to the lighting. Jamison is right too, I like her better not so stick skinny, much better curvy!

  21. mnc

    what is on her feet? good god tell me those are not Van(s?) sneakers

  22. RubbRubb

    Lohan is still trying to pedal a singing career? WTF?

    What person in their right mind isn’t laughing their asses off at her attempts to sing?

    She may just knock Ashlee Simpson off the ‘pretentious, untalented twat’ pedestal.

  23. Conrad

    Did someone say sultry? Do I have to repeat myself. THIS GIRL IS A SKANK!!!

  24. MrVDO

    Wha the f …. ??!!

    She looks like a freakin’ munchkin extra from the “Wizard of Oz.”

  25. hvam

    are we looking at the same picture?

    she looks bad! her hair looks messy. she uses more makeup than a transvestite!

  26. rondha

    Are you for real? SHe looks like David Bowie

  27. DAVE

    would hit it in the face/ this girl is worse than paris hilton she shows up at other people’s premeres just to get her pics taken with a bigger celebrity/ and now she is making a video to publisize her fathers shit. she has said in many interviews that she wasn’t talking to him and that her and her mom are suing him for 1mill dollars and she is testafying AGIANST him in court. (SORRY ABOUT SPELLING) i am sorry but everytime this girl says or does something she contradics herself everytime.she is so fake, she is playing all of us , she’s just giving us what we want to hear. WE ARE VERY GULLABLE.

  28. D.M.H.

    Lindsey used to be a cute girl before she let show business eat her soul.

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