Lindsay Lohan Gets Moist

September 28th, 2005 // 22 Comments

We are only highlighting Ms. Lohan‘s crotch to point out a possible wet stain, not just to point out her crotch. I’m sure it’s just a spill, and not the product of her having naughty thoughts regarding her obsession with older men.

Totally unrelated, but the girl has to stop with her boot obsession.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Johnny Chicago

    And, once again, I’d still mow her rug, but I’d have to now get past both the piss smell/taste as WELL as the cracky taste!

    Hmmmmm, tastes like – Wilmer!


  2. The Real Ian !

    NOPE! im gonna keep thinking its her juices and how i could help her right outta those wet jeans and into my dry bed …

  3. mischa

    Johnny that’s sick. I think you just want to get into Wilmer’s pants.

  4. tempy

    I’d say she spilled a drink on herself. She was probably working on number 10 or 11 and it slipped out of those bony fingers.

    The worst is when you try to light a cigarette and your nail catches on fire…not that that’s happened to me.

  5. J&M

    I’d say it’sn axle grease and fanny batter combiend. Obvious.

  6. moss

    I’ve had my nail singed but not from lighting a *cigarette* if you get my meaning.

    And those boots are SO FOUL. I don’t know, there’s something about dull gray leather that gives me the crawlies.

    paging pat benetar…

  7. I’m confounded by this obsession with celbrity crotch sweat. It’s like the new shark attack. You know how when one person gets attacked because he is surfing in shark-infested waters off the coast of Florida and all of a sudden there’s an epidemic?
    Smae thing.
    The current highlights of celebrity crotch sweat disturbs me greatly.
    Can we stop?
    Are we going to be looking for armpit stubble next?
    Or that sweaty mark that people leave on plastic chairs after sitting in them for awhile?
    I hope the line is drawn at crotch sweat, I really do.

  8. veelee

    Ugly, ugly ass boots.

  9. Conrad

    Pipe down Sarah – this is simply more evidence that Ms. Lohan is a skank…

  10. Mo

    I must be going blind because I can’t see anything inside the circle. I’m not so blind that I can’t see those fugly boots, though.

  11. Jane

    I’m thinking that’s not crotch sweat. It looks like she sat something wet in her lap. The boots are cute but grey is so….grey! And as for the older men, they forgot to mention Bruce
    “I Look Like a Hollowed Out Cue Ball” Willis.

  12. Girly Girl

    For the record, I just like that ‘crotch sweat’ is now an acceptable phrase in our vernacular.

    And I don’t give a flying fuck who it is… if your crotch is that sweaty, I wouldn’t touch what’s in your pants with a 10 foot pole.

  13. emma peel

    The secret is out,Lohan is actually a Man.

  14. mischa

    I find the “crotch sweat” term quite compelling myself. I’m still getting over the Fergie crotch sweatgate. It just isn’t human.

  15. Silasdog

    Hey, tell me she hasn’t just had a few pops just before this photo was taken. If her eyes were anymore slanted she’d be mistaken for Chinese. Comon folks, let’s face it, she just had a urinary malfunction. If she’s gonna continue to keep boozing to the point of no bladder control, then she’ll need to wear a diaper. Hey, her and Tara Reid should get together and hoist a few, that would be a trash-worthy event.

  16. Bella

    Oh my god, Hohan isn’t potty trained.

  17. guest-m

    she looks trashed – or its just a really bad photo. I personally think Lindsay is Uber ugly with her yellow hair etc etc… she is BORING!

  18. Is crotch sweating normal for women? I’m a guy, and my crotch gets pretty hot and sweaty sometimes. But it’s never been evident on my trousers.

    Perhaps she mistook Fergie’s pee pee-gate for the newest fashion trend.

  19. Mariana

    I’m gonna get all forensic and say that judging by the pattern that she spilled a drink on herself. Those boots should stay in 1982, where they belong.

  20. Mo

    Okay, will SOMEONE point out to me just WHAT the heck they’re looking at in this picture???? I may be 39 years old but I don’t wear glasses(yet) and I STILL can’t see a goll-darn THING in this picture that even slightly resembles crotch sweat!!! It was very obvious in the pics of Fergie and Jenny McCarthy but I’m seein’ nothin’ here, people……

  21. Marial

    she is drunk!

  22. Girly Girl


    For the record- and I will gladly go public saying this- no, female ‘crotch sweat’ is not normal. Now, if perchance, one is wearing some kind of unbreathable fabric (yes, vaginas like to breathe) and then exerting ones self by, oh say, saving a small handicap 3rd world country child from a burniong inferno in a religiously affiliated orphanage… then yes, ‘crotch sweat’ be appropriate. Nay, applauded.

    If however, one simply seems to be having repeated genital perspiration issues (and photographed for the love of God) then one should immediately seek medical attention because she is KILLING MY BUZZ.

    Tootles (from my arid nether-region),

    Girly Girl XXXOOO

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