Lindsay Lohan Finds A Fashionable Way To Hide Her Crime

May 30th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Maybe Lindsay Lohan really does have potential as a designer! The hot mess found a fashionable way to hide her SCRAM ankle bracelet which was fitted on her after her hearing in Los Angeles to keep her from drinking. Seriously, Lindsay, your sartorial skills could really do a service to Hollywood… she’s even getting Chanel in on the gig! She sported this sketchy look getting out of her car on her way to her assistant’s house in Venice Beach yesterday. Let’s hope she can apply the same initiative to her sobriety! Ha!

By Lola Robertson

  1. Storm34

    Ahh yeah, is she aware that just about half of the world knows that she is wearing the bracelet? Does she think hiding it will make it disappear ?

  2. Liz

    She has enough money left for an assistant? I thought she blew it all on coke.

  3. WilDGuy

    that and the mini-mini bar fits very well inside her brown bag…

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