Lindsay Lohan Fights, Doesn’t Eat, And Wears Her Fave Boots

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Didn’t we talk about having arguments in front of the paparazzi? After what seems like a crazy night out, X17 got footage of Lindsay Lohan outside of Samantha Ronson’s house yelling as to why Samantha wasn’t home and where she had been. Come on, you know you wanna watch the video of her yelling!


Lindsay seems to be on the edge lately since… wait, what am I talking about? Lindsay is usually on the edge. Although, I don’t think that Samantha’s recent lunch date with Drea de Matteo helped the situation much.

Seriously, the woman is such a mess, she barely ate anything at a restaurant with her friends yesterday. Don’t believe me? Check out the pics. All she had was a Coke Zero. I fear the day that we’ll find Lindsay outside of Samantha’s house, Coke Zero in hand, and bleeding love. Like in the literal sense, not the cool artsy “ooo that’s a song title” kind of way.

Lindsay, don’t worry, we’ll make it through this. I mean come on, you’re wearing your favorite boots (please stop wearing them by the way, they’re foul), you just made milkshakes for everyone, and you could be in a Robert Rodriguez movie. I’d say things are looking up, right? Right? Please say yes!

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan leaving Samantha Ronson’s house then dining with friends in Malibu, but barely eating anything.?