Lindsay Lohan Fell On Her Broke Ass Again Last Night

Lindsay Lohan can barely manage to keep upright these days, luckily this time there wasn’t a cactus to fall into. Last night, Lindsay Lohan attended the XBOX Splinter Cell event at Les Deux in Hollywood, and what do you know, she slips and falls while exiting the event.

Staying upright and her horrible father may be the least of Lindsay’s worries these days. TMZ is reporting that Linds was two months behind in her rent and just paid $23,000 to become current. Tip for Lindsay. If money’s an issue, you might want to trying moving into a more affordable place.

Lohan has few work prospects and her income sources are drying up. Sources say this is due to her substance abuse. All Lindsay has really been up to these last couple weeks has been clubbing. Maybe we should start preparing that obituary after all.