Lindsay Lohan Drug-Free, Her Shoes Not So Much

I haven’t seen pictures this funny in quite a while.  

Paparazzi caught Lindsay Lohan leaving a friend’s house last night with white powder flying wildly out of her shoes.  As if that wasn’t funny enough, the looks on Lindsay’s face go from shock to mortification to something I can only describe as ‘Telemundo.’  I think you catch my drift.  Hilarante!  Escandaloso!

Ok, to be fair, girlfriend could have really bad athlete’s foot and used way too much Tenactin (it’s tough actin’!).  I mean, we can’t just assume that she was hiding a giant baggie of cocaine that exploded just because she admitted to using cocaine at one time and was arrested with a bag of cocaine in her pants pocket.  Yeah, just kidding, bitch is totally holding.

And I’m not one to kick a junkie while she’s down, but damn, her dress is ugly.  She should use some of that drug/ weave money to hire a stylist.

And did I mention that Lindsay’s documentary on child trafficking in India will air in the UK this week?  Oh, sweet, sweet irony.

Do yourself a favor and check out this fun story told in picture.