Lindsay Lohan Dissed By Justin Timberlake

A snitch tells Page Six that the usually well-behaved Justin Timberlake was pretty wild at the Chelsea club Avenue with no sign of his girlfriend Jessica Biel.

“He was drinking tequila all night. At one point, he cleared out a little space and started break dancing. He was bumping into people and spilling drinks,” the source revealed.

Reportedly, Lindsay Lohan was also there and did her best to try and dance with Justin, however “he shooed her away.” The two are rumored to have enjoyed a one-night stand in the past.

But JT was more welcoming when receiving special attention from a mystery brunette. Later in the evening, Lindsay posted on her Twitter account, “where’s jb cheater” followed by “Why do people cheat?” the next day.

True to form, Lindsay claimed her Twitter account had been hacked and that someone else had sent the messages. Maybe it was the same skeleton in a wig that posted this picture.

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