Lindsay Lohan Disinvited From ‘Machete’ Premiere


If you haven’t heard about the epic adventure that is Lindsay Lohan lately, then chances are you were trapped on a moving bus with Keanu Reeves and couldn’t go below 50 mph.  Feel free to read up before we move on.

Anyhoo, apparently the Machete premiere was scheduled the day after Lindsay left rehab, and despite numerous assurances from Robert Rodriguez that she was a valuable member of the Machete team, he went out of his way to make sure she didn’t show, tracking down her manager to get her the message.

Dumb move, if you ask me.  Lindsay is a black hole of misery, but she definitely brings the publicity to the party, which this movie could use (sorry, RobRod; this doesn’t look like your best effort).

Screw that noise and check out these pictures of the Machete Venice premiere earlier today.  Jessica Alba wore a dress that I wouldn’t touch with Robert Rodriguez’ dick (I have no idea what that means), Danny Trejo is finally soaking up the adoration he deserves (and lookin’ sexy while he does so, and Robert Rodriguez… looks like Robert Rodriguez.  The guy has only one outfit.  So be it.