Lindsay Lohan Drinks

It’s good to see Lindsay Lohan drinking something other than vodka these days. I wouldn’t have pegged her for a Gatorade girl though. Although, you never know if she spiked the bottle. If so she is probably just trying to wash away the guilt over traumatizing Yoko Ono.

Yoko Ono, widow of late Beatles legend John Lennon, has failed in her bid to stop the upcoming film about his assassination being filmed near her home.

Ono entered into legal proceedings to prevent the film crew from shooting scenes outside New York’s Dakota apartment building, where she still resides.

Her publicist, Kip Kouri, told the New York Post: “Yoko immediately checked if the Dakota building had the right to refuse them filming the facade, and found out that legally, all they had to do was to get the permission of the city.”

However, Canadian film company Peace Arch had already been granted the necessary permits to film ‘Chapter 27′, in which a portly Jared Leto plays the role of Lennon’s murderer Mark Chapman, while Lindsay Lohan plays a fictional character who meets Chapman on the day of the assassination.

Yoko loses Lennon film battle []