Lindsay Lohan Denies Alleged Bulimia

January 11th, 2006 // 11 Comments

Well, what do ya know. She’s denying the bulimia. Darn that Vanity Fair for misconstruing her words. She also accuses the writer of lying (do the they do that). So, I’m eager to learn what exactly Lindsay was talking about when her words were changed?

Lindsay Lohan is “appalled” by the Vanity Fair article released last week in which she confessed to dabbling in drugs and battling bulimia. The Vanity Fair story, which hit newsstands nationally Tuesday and was widely reported last week, made headlines for the 19-year-old actress’ acknowledgment that she dabbled in drugs “a little.”

The magazine also quoted Lohan on her drastic weight loss last year: “I was making myself sick,” she said. The article, written by Evgenia Peretz, noted Lohan was “referring to bulimic episodes.” Lohan also said, “I knew I had a problem and I couldn’t admit it.”

However, in a statement released Tuesday to Teen People magazine, Lohan denied having bulimia and said, “The words that I gave to the writer for Vanity Fair were misused and misconstrued, and I’m appalled with the way it was done.”

An editor for Teen People said Lohan’s denial was regarding Vanity Fair’s reporting of her alleged bulimia, not drug use. “Aside from (the writer’s) lies and changing of my words, I am blessed to have this job and wonderful family that I do,” Lohan’s statement read.

Vanity Fair, in a statement of its own, stood by its story. “Evgenia Peretz is one of our most reliable reporters,” the magazine said. “Every word Lindsay Lohan told her is on tape. Vanity Fair stands by the story.”

At least she’s standing by the druggie part of the article. Good girl.

Lohan ‘Appalled’ by Vanity Fair Article [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. charlotte

    When will these idiots clue in that journalists now TAPE THEIR INTERVIEWS. Do they not notice the recording device sitting right in front of them, whirring away, while they spill all? This “taken out of context/was misconstrued” bullshit always drives me crazy. They don’t sue because they know they said it, and it’s on tape.

  2. dottcomm1

    she’s not bulemic. and i’m the queen of the world! and monkies will start flying out of my butt!!

  3. ashikawa

    The best way to refute an article is to walk around in public carrying the magazine that published it.

  4. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Too bad HoHan was too fucked up on coke to realize that she was being taped through the whole interview.

    What a bulimic sack of shit

  5. let it out

    L.Lohan could use the article as advice to the world, and she could powerfully admit, accept and move on. However this behavior of denial does not help anyone who suffers from eating disorders or addiction of any kind.

  6. paleface

    You guys are total haters. She was bulimic, she was anorexic! Hee! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  7. Green Eyed Angel

    Are eating disorders “the in thing now?” Should I start shopping for my Coach barf bag or did I miss the wagon? I just don’t get it. Do they puke just enough so they can be qualified as sick and then come sobbing to the media that they are so “presured to feel perfect” so they had to turn to this?
    They need to be smacked up-side the head and sent some place far away where there are no cameras or pity.

  8. pooky

    you know, I actually think it’s possible that vanity fair DID take her statement, “I was making myself sick” and chose to take it literally as “I was making myself barf” rather than “I was just starving myself/partying too much/inhaling pounds of blow and it was making me unhealthy”

  9. W00t

    Wtf? Lohans a talentless ugly whore who has now proved to the world that shes also a dumbass. she cant admit to her problems and then backtrack and blame the media.

    And if that Leo Decaprio story is true, hes also on coke. Leaving a super model for a 12 year old homely freckled boy? Not normal.

  10. Tim

    She was so pissed off when she read the article that she threw up.

  11. Fugly Girl

    Tim’s comment……..what a crack up. I think I just shot Dr. Pepper out of my nose laughing!

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