Lindsay Lohan Dines With Kate Moss

We can only imagine the wisdom that Kate Moss shared with Lindsay Lohan. We can only assume the topics of conversation included the proper way to do blow, the proper way to blow, how to become an enabler, and how to survive scandal. I’m sure Lindsay is way ahead of the learning curve.

Lindsay Lohan was thrilled when Kate Moss invited her to dinner at a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant.

The actress couldn’t believe the supermodel wanted to dine with her at Los Angeles eatery Mr Chow, because she’s a huge fan of catwalk queen. The 19-year-old recently revealed Kate is her style icon.

She was quoted in Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: “She looks great. She wears things that could take hours to put together, but she probably doesn’t take much time.” It isn’t the first time Lindsay has admitted idolising fellow a celebrity.

Earlier this year, she confessed she was infatuated with Angelina Jolie and struggled to contain her excitement when she met the star at a premiere. She said: “I’m infatuated with Angelina, I ran up to her on the red carpet. The more advice I can get from these successful women the better.”

Lindsay better concentrate on spending those hours on putting outfits together, and lose the boots!

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