Lindsay Lohan Compulsively Shops, Designs More Junk

New York runway shows are so last week for Lindsay Lohan, who spent yesterday afternoon racking up a $53,000 Rolex bill in Beverly Hills.

skeletal in her black over-sized shirt, the washed-out actress shopped
solo for forty five minutes, indecisively playing dress-up with
virtually every watch in the store.  You can imagine how tough these
decisions are when your brain is shrinking from malnourishment
Eventually, Lindsay did go home with three gold watches – priced at
$30,000, $15,000 and $8,000 – the last of which was a “romantic gift.” 

But enough about Lindsay and her “Sam, please forgive me for being a jealous psycho” gifts.  The real news is her career.  No, not movies, silly – fashion! 

sometimes-actress has plans to expand her designer chops beyond the
complex science of legging-crafting.  Specifically, she’ll be launching
a range of cosmetics and self-tanners with the fashion company Stay

Which reminds me – and I kind of can’t believe I’m
saying this  – it might be time for Linds to break out that tanner on
herself again.  At least then she won’t look like she belongs inside

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan Shops For Watches In Beverly Hills.