Lindsay Lohan Chases Samantha Ronson Around Town

May 7th, 2009 // 3 Comments

This breakup has been a bitter pill for Lindsay Lohan to swallow. To be more accurate, one she seems to be refusing to swallow, if recent reports are to be believed. The starlet has reportedly been hunting for ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at their regular Los Angeles haunts.

A snitch told the Daily Mail that Lindsay started looking for Sam Tuesday at Cecconi’s restaurant, then the Dark Room club before arriving at Ronson’s home in Hollywood. There, witnesses claim the couple could be heard in a heated discussion, which dragged on until the early hours of the following morning.

Even though it wouldn’t be surprising if Ronson agreed to a reconciliation, a source revealed, “Sam’s family will literally lose all respect if she goes back to Lindsay, and that’s what’s convincing her things are really over.”

So to ease her worried mind, Lindsay’s been doing one of her favorite things–photoshoots that have her dressing up like her idol Marilyn Monroe. Basically, she ends up looking like what would happen if someone had put Marilyn on Survivor for a season with nothing to eat but sand and seaweed.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan poses for her Marilyn Monroe-lookalike photoshoot.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. zach

    This is one crazy bitch. someone needs to lock her ass up for a few months.

  2. BK

    Marilyn never would have been caught with black roots.

  3. Name

    Damn I don’t recall Lindsay Lohan EVER getting this worked up over a breakup b4. I mean to the point of stalking her, complete with pumping the paps (whose cameras were pointed at her) for info on “was/is she here”, “was she with anyone” , “Just tell me.”… ——Yes I saw the video of her doing this..quite odd she relies on the info of the same ppl whom she demands we should belive make, what was it like 90-odd percent, of the published stories involving her up. ——- I always was aware of the fact many celeb rumors/gossip/whatever-it’s-nom_de_jour-is are based on half-truths, exagerated accounts that morphed a bit between re-tellings, & PR “stunts” & cover-ups that backfired in some creatively awkward & embarassing ways, but she horribly underestimates the rational thought capabilities of those of us listening when she repeatedly throws percentages as such out there. There r archives of photographic & video evidence that, @least to a respectable degree, prove well over her public “estimate” true. Now the lies she made up 2 mislead the press, well that maybe needs it’s own catagory & zip code in which to distinguish them from the lies she didn’t create through the direct or indirect deceptions she put out there verbally & visually. –And then she expects us to know when to believe or disbelieve “gossip” about her? She admitted, @least twice that I saw, to making up false stories & basically creating illusions of what is not true to mess with ppl. She sat there giggling as she claimed this little game 2b “fun”. So when conflicts of accounts past & present collide with conflict Miss Lindsay Lohan tops her previous lies with new yet thinner ones (pun wasnt intended & blames anyone but herself.

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