Lindsay Lohan Ceasing Her Partying Ways?

They really are trying hard to push this whole “Lindsay’s-boyfriend-helping-her-quit-partying” PR campaign, aren’t they? The New York Daily News reports:

Pals of Lindsay Lohan have noticed a change come over the firecracker actress in recent weeks. “She’s heard everyone and is cleaning up her act,” says a friend. “Lindsay is really taking it easy these days. … she is focused on work and [boyfriend] Harry [Morton].” Lohan’s love of the nightlife has kept her in the gossip pages. But she was stung by a recent letter from the producer of her new film, “Georgia Rule,” slamming her hard partying and lax work practices. “It was a turning point,” says the friend. “She realized it was a matter of either stepping up or stepping down. “Lindsay took this seriously; she takes her career seriously. She has been going home early every night and [arriving] at work on time since the letter.

A few weeks? I don’t know about that. It’s not like there have suddenly stopped being pictures of her wandering around, wasted at parties all of a sudden, cause TRUST me–we would notice.

P.S. I find it so annoying when stars date someone I can’t find on IMDb. I mean, how am I supposed to believe you even exist?

P.P.S. At least they’ve got the good sense not to try and convince us Lindsay’s slowing down at her mother’s behest, because they know nobody would buy THAT BS for two seconds.

UPDATE: The images had to be removed.

Written by Lisa Timmons