Lindsay Lohan Changes Hair Color Again – World Confused

October 20th, 2005 // 30 Comments

It’s just getting to confusing for me to keep up with Lindsay’s hair color changes. She’s blond, she’s a redhead, she’s a brunette. She’s a modern day Madonna. If I have to pick the look that I like the best, I’m going to have to go with the brunette. It’s suits her features very well.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anon

    Why is she always giving the peace sign??

  2. dottcomm1

    what does anybody careabout her? she has no talent, she’s not pretty… another facination with a pathetic publicity whore.

  3. karen

    It’s not the peace sign…..she’s letting the paparazzi know that she needs two mins to get herself together then they can take her picture.*JK*

    Actually I really like this color but still think red is best. Anything but blond she looked so old like Kim aka Samantha.

  4. jake

    i think shes a pretty good actress.

  5. Hoovie

    Oh quit, she’s actually quite pretty, a decent actress and you’ve got to give her credit for not being in rehab yet….she looks BETTER than 2 months ago, not worse. Anyone who lives through the Disney machine and ends up better off than other victims of it has got to have SOMETHING going on.

  6. Krystyn

    she’s not a bad actress. although, it would be nice to see her in some adult roles, not the kid ones.

    and I personally think she’s really pretty. Better than any other “starlet” out there now.

  7. happy hour

    she looks like she trying to fart.

  8. yoda

    I know whats up with that peace sign?… Fug Lohan

  9. bratbastid

    Blonde, Brunette, Redhead??? Once a skank always a skank…

  10. caro

    Girlfriend needs to get a mani. and stay away from the bleach!!! no more blonde!!

  11. Realness

    she’s BEAUTIFUL….thank God she got rid of the blonde….i think i prefer this to even her natural red her which i thinnk suits her…

  12. CityKitty


  13. Alex

    Goooorrrrrrgeous. Beyond.

  14. Hot

    I liked the red hair best.

  15. ok ok

    If you compare her to Ashlee Simpson, Tara Reid, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Duff then I guess I hate her the least. But I hate them all anyway and hope they all die.

    Lindsay thinks she is so grown up it makes me sick. Just another attention seeking whore.

  16. Mary

    With all the money that she has, you’d think she’d get herself a manicure or something…check out her nails.

  17. Flying Muffins

    She looks gorgeous and the brunette is even better than her red hair. I hated the blonde, glad she got rid of that. Plus brunettes are the sexiest chicks.

  18. :s

    now linds stay that colour no more blonde

  19. Faye

    i have to go with the red hair… old days lohan looks much better, & healthier than she is nowadays. but brunette is better than the blonde. she doesn’t look good in blonde.

  20. mam

    I know…stop with the peace sign. It’s too much.

  21. netty

    She’s just a kid, let her play kid roles!! If she tries out for an adult role we might see her in the next celebrity porno!!!
    And what does she know about a peace sign! Ppuuhhlleezzz!!!!!

  22. Wendy

    Wow, she actually looks good maybe even sexy as a brunette! KEEP IT! NO MORE BLONDE!!! It makes her look ill.

  23. Lin

    at least she’s not tara reid, who’s had the same look for a decade (bleached hair and black eyeliner).

  24. Silasdog

    Is Ms. Lohan old enough to to engage in sexual activity on a regular basis? You know, like Paris, Tara, Jessica, etc.

  25. Lindsey's a silly ho

    I wish she’d stop giving the peace sign. She looks like an idiot. She’s too much of a snotty brat to pull that off.

  26. dias:

    Gucci bag’s looking a bit worn…. sign of troubled times?

  27. Uhm, Yeah

    It’s vintage Gucci from the 80′s. Love it.

  28. Aussie Girl

    All u ppl who said the horrible stuff about lindsay must have boring lives to hang out on a site like this and pay out other ppl. There is nothing wrong with lindsay, and i bet you wouldnt even care about the way she looks if she was 1 of us.Every1 has problems, and if u didnt have problems ur not normal. And i bet most of the ppl who said stuff on this site, think ur all that when really every1 thinks ur a skank and think the hair colour doesnt suit. And normalyl ppl who bitch about other ppl saying they r skanks r skanks themselves. so get a life.
    P.S the peace sign is cool.

  29. John

    No blondes look like they want to fart. Some are to fake. Lindsey is hot going blonde and dark. Ya if Eminem has natural red hair and died it blonde and is a rap artist and can do the peace sign. lindsey can too. I think all of you girls are just jealous of her that you have to bring her down. You guys probably looked like you had to fart once in your life time too. I think she did a very good job at the awards when dhe sang. I think she is a great singer and actress. She might not be the hottest redhead. But she is ver talented and she looks good going blonde and darker. Because lets face it I think many blondes and brunettes would look ugly with red hair too.

  30. Nick

    I think blondes these days are over rated. Come on! Who cares if Lindsey wants to be who she wants to be. Every other star got away with it

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