Lindsay Lohan Confused As To How To Undress

August 12th, 2005 // 18 Comments

When you’re that skinny, dressing assistance is just plain sad.

(Image via A Beastmarkets Daily Companion)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ugh. good lord. she has got to stay away from that bikini top style. she has the same style in black in other pictures and it looks like crap. honey, fix your posture!

  2. bitchy richie

    yeah that haggard old lady is pulling
    FEZ out of her pants …
    I read she has a whole Mariachi band in their
    after contracting not such nice things from her eX

  3. bad bunny

    i agree she’s slouches too much…and that skrunchy face. in this picture she looks like a 2 yr old who needs help doing up her pants.

  4. Gossip Guru

    She is coke sick.That yellow tint that her skin has is from doing so much coke. I actually feel bad for her. She is just a young girl who got caught up in all of the hollywood hype. She is a lost little girl in a big, sad world. Poor Lindsay.

  5. That bathing suit top wouldn’t make any woman look good.

  6. Andres C.

    Man!!!!! Lindsay the best of the world she so hot i love her well cya

  7. ale guerra

    Yea man !!! you´re right lindsay is the best chik i have ever seen in my hole life yeaa!!!

    Vrgs.. yo le abrocho el ziper

  8. 510Bombshell

    what size shoe does she wear?! look at those big ol’ feet!! ick

  9. Clare

    Her boobs look sad.

  10. Emily

    EWW she looks terrible.

  11. Steve

    Wow. She should be bottoming out any time now.

  12. heidi

    hey! she’s not boobsie in that pic, what happened?

  13. bev444

    Did someone photoshop Paris Hiltons feet onto her legs ?

  14. RubbRubb

    Nooo! I cannot believe she’s gotten to be this nasty and unhittable.

    I want my tanned, curvy, and cute Lindsay back. WHaaaaaaaaah!

  15. medea

    she looks like DANA PLATO,from Different Strokes.R.I.P.

  16. Ginger

    Is it just me or this that a joint in that chick’s mouth? Would explain the confusion on both their faces.

  17. Yippy

    Couldn’t she just wiggle a little bit to get her clothes to fall off?

  18. lindsay does NOT look skinny at all in that pic?!?!?! wtf r u guyz talking about:S:S (not saying she looks fat..she look..normal)

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