Lindsay Lohan Breaks Out of Rehab Again

January 25th, 2007 // 4 Comments

If I become a drunk or addict, I wanna go to Wonderland! The girl seems to be out of rehab as often as she is in her rehab facility. This time she escaped for some lunch. Where did Lindsay go? Well she is La Lohan after all, so you know it wasn’t some out of the way joint.

Lohan, who seems to be more addicted to attention than anything else, took a break from treatment (again) and enjoyed a quiet lunch on a street crawling with paparazzi. With the hundreds of eateries in town, La Lohan picked the Newsroom Cafe, a restaurant on Robertson Blvd., right across the street from The Ivy and Kitson! Ever hear of those places?

A source tells TMZ Lindsay hit the health food joint with a couple of friends at around 2:30 PM and tried to go unnoticed in a baseball cap, ponytail and oversized sunglasses. Here’s a tip: If you really don’t want to be seen, Robertson is a really bad idea. Linds sat with her back facing the crowd, but on the outdoor patio.

Lohan — Starving for Attention [TMZ]

(Photos courtesy of Celebrity Babylon)

By Jessica Marx

  1. newfgirl

    And here I was, enjoying reading about something OTHER than that burn out…

  2. People on the other side of the world are dying of hunger and cold and here we have a ‘star flower”, barely twenty, being treated for thousends of dollars because she can’t deal with “fame” and her own “greatness”….People, you gave your hard earned money to this shallow nobody by going to her movies and buying her CDs and magazines she is in…..

  3. Julz

    I have yet to plop down anything of value for Lindsey Lohan.

    On a brighter note…doesn’t Cyndi Lauper look GREAT for..what…80?

  4. What does LL actually do? I just assumed she slept with a rich dude.

    She looks the type.

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